Using Yoga to improve Children’s Health

Using Yoga to improve Children’s Health
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Hatha Yoga is an ageless series of physical postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques, which help in balancing and rejuvenating the entire body-mind system. Practicing Yoga, on a regular basis, can tremendously improve children’s health, both physically and emotionally. A regular practice of Yoga, in the range of one to five times a week, shown in strengthening muscles, increasing flexibility, heightening self-esteem, and lowering stress and anxiety levels that can contribute to the support growth of depression.


Yoga for Children’s Health

Because of over use of television and computer technology, childhood obesity is at an all-time becomes a problem in many developed countries from all over the world.  In fact, childhood obesity has become one of the most critical health problems children faces in the world today. Just getting children “on the mat” and actively participating in a structured exercise program, is going to help them in loosing unwanted pounds, feeling healthier, and boosting self-esteem.

Yoga can be customized to any age range of children and several different levels of ability. In this way, a exceptional Yoga class can be modified and custom-built for a group of first-grade students, or a group of high-school age students, and beyond. On a purely physical level, the physical postures (or asanas) of Yoga, help children in developing proper coordination skills, enhance somatic capabilities, burn calories, the same time as increasing strength and flexibility.

Yogic Solutions for Lowering Stress in Children Today

In today’s fast-paced world, many children are prone to a significant amount of stress in school and at home. There are many pressures on children and teenagers so that they could keep pace with the increasing speed of life and to do more and more tasks in less time than generations before them. Slowing down enough so that they could practice Yoga postures, breathing exercises, a few minutes of meditation or relaxation techniques, is going to help children in feeling more grounded and less anxious about the pressures in their lives.

A vigorous Yoga practice is going to help children in releasing excess energy and feeling exhilarated. A Yoga practice that is fun and challenging are going to help not only in lowering the high levels of stress hormones that can compromise their emotional, mental, and physical health. As children’s stress levels decrease, they are going to find it easy to focus on their school work and is going to gain perspective on problems that are causing them anxiety and stress. Some of these problems may require independent therapeutic support. Other issues may be resolved, with no outside support coming from anyone as a child’s brain chemistry re-balanced and an overactive nervous system calmed through a regular practice of Yoga.