Things to know about CMA

Things to know about CMA
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Medical assistants job is more than managing the front office, it also requires them to assist  physicians with clinical procedures.  The responsibility given depends on their level of experience.

Here are some of the important facts about Medical Assistant:

Job Description

Most of the time, a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) works in a medical office, but in some cases, they are working in clinics or hospitals. Oftentimes, they find employment nursing a sick as a family practice physician or internist.

A medical assistant helps the doctors and nurses with a lot of tasks. They have the option of working in both clinical and administrative capacity. Administrative duties possibly could comprise of scheduling appointments, signing patients in and handling basic billing issues. Clinical job duties might entail to prepare the exam room and work directly with patients.

Special Training

CMA works in the medical office.  However, if you decided to take your career to the next level you may want to acquire some extra qualifications. A few more skills that needs to be learned are drawing blood, taking minor x-rays and monitoring EKGs.  All of the skills mentioned will help any CMA to land a better job.

Typically, these procedures require supplementary education. You may be required in completing an exam. The more qualifications you have, the better job you will get and you’ll be on track to making even more money.

Podiatric and Optometric Specialties

There are countless CMAs who prefers to work for podiatrists or optometrists. If you are one of those, then you will need additional training.  As an example, clinical medical assistants must be intellectual about the anatomy of the foot so that they could work with a podiatrist without encountering any problem. A good understanding of the human eye is going to help you if you work for an optometrist. They will help patients with eye exams, coach patients about the use of contact lenses and handle the sales of eyeglasses.

Training & Certification

For you to be competant, you will need earn a degree first.  This requires a bit of training, but don’t be anxious as you can complete the training in as little as six months.  Always looks for the accredited school when choosing the scholl to train you.  Also do consider the school that works on your schedule.

The next step that follows is to take the American Association of Medical Assistants test (also called the AAMA exam). The moment that you passed the test then you can start right away on your job search.

Aside from being part of the medical office, CMA can alos serve the community through helping people on a daily basis.  A CMA’s career is never boring.