The Effect of Pesticides to Children’s Health

The Effect of Pesticides to Children’s Health
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A research got published by the Journal Pediatrics regarding the connection of the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) for children and pesticides.  The research was done with the help over 1,139 children from various areas in the United States.   The research reveal that the children who got exposed to above-average levels of one (pesticide) byproduct is more than twice endanger of getting the disease.  ADHD means trouble for the health, attention, learning and social interaction.  The connection has something to do with the pesticide chemicals.  The said chemicals were developed during the World War 2 and used for war tactics.  The chemical affects the nervous system, thus enables it to kill pest and insects.  The study claims that a pesticide is responsible for some behavioural and learning problem.

The chemicals transferred by means of digestion and food.  The skin is another way to transfer the chemical into the body.  The skin of children is much thinner than that of an adult, so it is easily affected by the chemical.  Pediatric dermatologists suggest that the skin of a baby is 20 to % thinner than that of an adult.  Therefore, making children even more susceptible to the pesticide.  With the help of its immaturity, the chemical lowers the protective function of the body from temperature, bacteria or chemicals. The effect of pesticides among children is far greater as the skin of an infant is thinner than adults.  This is the reason why most package warns user to keep it out of reach of children.

If you want to be safe from the said chemical, then try considering what clothing you are going to use whenever you are applying pesticides on your vegetables.  Clothing can directly protect the skin from any harmful substance that is airborne.

Consumer knowledge about the product that they are using will help the fight against the use of harmful chemical.  It does not mean that we must stick with organics; it only means that all of the food that are served on our plate must be free from harmful chemicals.

As of now, the label organic food guarantees that the food that we eat are safe.  The organic growers are putting so much effort on raising their plant produce to be chemical free.  Some clothing  created from safe, natural fibers: hemp, organic cotton and recently bamboo, grown without toxins. People using organic clothing can rest assure that they are safe from harmful chemical, which may give, them problems in the future.