Nutrition is essential to fight Cancer

Nutrition is essential to fight Cancer
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Nutrition is a necessity  in fighting cancer.  A lot of people are now aware of that.  Medical nutrition therapy for cancer has something to do with providing nutrition education and counselling on implementing a comprehensive program for healing cancer.


If a cancer patient wants the therapy to be successful, then they must have a change in their state of mind.  They need must believe in the power of the food they eat. Also, it is vital to understand that the whole recovery rest on them.  They must change their lifestyle, which will need a decision so that they could fully change their lifestyle.


In the minds of most people, cancer patients have no hope, even if they had changed the food that they are eating.  They believe that cancer can only be cured by miracles.  They then to see the patient who had lost the fight against the disease.


However, the bigger picture ignored as they overlooked certain cases.


People forget that there  is a program that needed to undertake before they could be successful in fighting cancer. Winning against cancer means that they must have knowledge in fighting cancer.


There is no doubt that nutrition is the missing link is winning the battle against cancer.  However, nutrition is not enough as it needs other factors so that the cancer would go.


What people to understand is that man made of 70% water?


Because of what I had shared, people must understand that water has a role in fighting any health condition, moreover cancer.


Some of the questions  needed to answer are, what kind of water should you drink to help your body start the healing process? And how much to drink every day? And when to drink?


The questions above are only some of the few questions that needed to be emphasized.  These are the questions  needed to be addressed, but people need to know that medical nutrition is just one element.

When all these are working together, then nothing could be impossible.


Once, there was a case of an old woman who had a double cancer and metastasis.


She followed the program and began her journey in getting rid of the problem.


Of course, water has something to do with the whole program, and she had followed all the details of the program.  She had turned the pure water into a real living water.


Before starting with the program, she was made up of 20% alkaline and 80% acid.


The next time she got tested for alkaline level.  She was around 70-80% alkaline and got a terrific feeling.  The whole treatment only took her around 7 to 8 months.


Now, all the pains that she was experiencing now gone.