Back Pain Culprits and Remedies

Back Pain Culprits and Remedies
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Everyday Health says 80 percent of all people will be affected by back pain sometime in their lives. Back pain can present itself as a dull throb or a sharp acute pain, and some people have chronic back pain which negatively impacts daily living. However, there are steps you can take to reduce your current back pain, and lessen the chance of suffering from the malady in the first place.

If you do not exercise you risk poor posture, and back injury. Abdominal exercises can help you regain youthful posture and stay injury free. Nancy E. Epstein, MD, says Pilates and other trunk exercises offer the best way to keep your back pain free, because trunk exercises stabilize and strengthen the back muscles. Stretching, along with cardio exercises like swimming, walking, and bike riding help keep the back pain free too.

Bad posture leads to back pain, because the practice places extra strain on the spine and back muscles. Over the course of time, bad posture changes the structural characteristics of the spine in a very negative way. Exercising and practicing good posture is the solution to this problem. Try standing with your knees bent slightly and place one foot forward to remove back pressure.

Many back injuries occur from lifting heavy objects in an improper manner. Bending at the knees and utilizing the power of your legs to lift objects, while keeping the weight close to your body is the way to proceed. It is also essential that you not twist your back during the lifting movement. Another major cause of back pain is being over-weight. Being heavy especially around the midsection moves your center of gravity forward, which places excessive pressure on back muscles. Staying within 10 pounds of your ideal weight is a good way to avoid back injuries.

While we don’t usually associate back pain with our sex lives, Spine Health says we should. Obviously it can be difficult to maintain a healthy sex life when in pain. However, having a back problem does not mean you must give up this important aspect of your life. You and your partner may have to talk about it and make some adjustments, but in the long run it will be worth it. Try staring slow with a gentle massage to get things going. The couple should have open communication and go slow, especially in the beginning.

Web MD says people who smoke cigarettes are more likely to hurt their backs than non-smokers, because nicotine causes the blood vessels to narrow. Smoking decreases the amount of nutrients to soft tissues, and impedes healing.

It is also important to sleep in a proper manner. If you sleep on your back, you should place pillows under your knees. Those who sleep on their sides should place pillows between their knees to keep the spine in a natural orientation. offers a full line of quality products to manage back pain, including moist heat packs, cushions, abdominal binders, and maternity belts. You only have one back, make sure you take proper care of it.